Did Ketamine Therapy Help Your Bipolar Disorder?

Growing numbers of people in the UK have been able to access ketamine treatment for depression and bipolar disorder in the UK. Many people have found it to be a fast and effective treatment during their depressive episodes. How Does Ketamine Help with Bipolar Disorder? Ketamine is a fairly new treatment for bipolar disorder so … Read More

How is Ketamine Used for Depression?

Ketamine was originally developed as an anaesthetic but it has more recently shown promise for the treatment of certain mental health disorders, particularly depression. Treatments based on ketamine are now available in the UK through private clinics but many patients have questions about this new option for treating depression. How Does Ketamine Help with Depression? … Read More

How to Deal with OCD in Stressful Times?

Managing your stress levels and lifestyle can play an essential part in dealing with OCD but the difficult times that we are now living through have made it a lot harder. Restrictions on what we can do, news reports about COVID-19, and anxiety about our health and that of our loved ones have all taken … Read More

Looking after your mental health during isolation

Globally we are facing unprecedented challenges and new territory as many countries have gone into a state of lockdown, with restrictions on where and how frequently people are able to leave their home. Not only does this put pressure on the economy, jobs and businesses, schools and universities who are forced to shut, but for … Read More

Is the Competitive Environment Causing Anxiety in Young Adults?

Competition can be a positive force when it spurs us on to try harder and improve ourselves. However, when young people are put under too much pressure, it can result in lower achievement, self-esteem problems, and anxiety instead.

It’s Time to Talk

Today is Time to Talk day. But more on that later… I was at the Royal College of Psychiatrists a couple of months ago when I noticed something – there was a new logo behind the reception desk. The Royal College of Pathologists used to occupy the top floor of the building, but they seemed … Read More

Is Social Media to Blame for Teenagers Mental Health?

Social media plays a big role in teenagers’ lives. Many of the effects can be positive, as social media can enable teens to communicate with their friends or to connect with a supportive online community. However, there are also some potentially harmful aspects of negative media that can take a toll on teenagers’ mental health … Read More

How to Identify Depression?

Depression is one of the most widely known mental health conditions but there are many misconceptions about the way it can affect you that mean it is often missed. Keep reading to find out how to identify the signs of depression in yourself or those you care about.